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Notes on calling....leave me a message. I do not answer the phone when I'm treating. I will return phone calls within 24 hours if I heard your information clearly and am able to do so. On Sundays, the office is closed and I rarely visit my cellphone.  Sometimes I have help answering phones but inevitably callers want to speak with me personally and leave messages anyway. 

Notes on texting....text me! Identify yourself and what I can do for you. It is often time much easier for me to return a text than a phone call (due to privacy and timing).

Email me at

Pop by the office at 12701 Overseas Hwy, MM 53.5 Ocean, Marathon, Florida 33050  Notes on popping hours are by appointment and they vary in an effort to be flexible to the needs of patients and available to my beautiful family. That means I'm not here 9-5 everyday but I could be. However, if you make an appointment with me, you will find me at the exact right time and place. I promise.



Contact - Marathon Acupuncture & Float Therapy in Marathon, Florida Keys




Contact - Marathon Acupuncture & Float Therapy in Marathon, Florida Keys

What is floating?

Enter tank filled with 250 gallons of water, 1300 LBS of Epsom Salts (read magnesium sulfate) which shuts down 90% of neuro-muscular feedback, flushes toxins and lactic acid out of the muscles, and lowers blood pressure. The temperature is controlled at 94 degrees, air and water, which contributes to the unique and amazing sensation of floating by shutting down sensory receptors on your skin. Floating is relaxing by default but also reduces inflammation, anxiety and relieves joint and muscle pain. Bring your device with some calming music and zen out.